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Feb 05, 2015 22:19:17 Simple iPhone Dash Cam
By: Eric
Simple iPhone Dash CamFrom my forthcoming book, 101 Uses For Your Old iPhone, I present a simple dash cam solution.

STEP 1: Install a dash cam app on your iPhone. I use one called Car Camera DVR which allows you to control the size of the video output and also does loop recording. I can set it to record video chunks of 30 minutes and if I capture anything interesting, save off that chunk.

STEP 2: Acquire a non-slip dash mat for smartphones. These mats firmly stick to your dash and have divots that your iPhone will fit into.

You will want to mount the dash mat on your dashboard such that the iPhone camera will have a good view of the road ahead. Usually this means mounting closer to the window than not. This is why it's important to use an old iPhone -- you don't want calls and texts and other riff-raff to interrupt your dash cam video. You shouldn't have any reason to access your dash cam iPhone during your drive.

STEP 3: Fire up the DVR app and go for a drive. Capture airplane crashes and meteors and upload them to YouTube.

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