For iOS and Android: Create animated .GIFs from videos on your device! Each .GIF can be up to 5 seconds long. You can apply various filters and share your creation anywhere. Simple to use. Download for free iOS - 5SecondsApp iOS. Download for free Android - 5SecondsApp Android. See also 5secondsapp.com.

First & Second Grade Math Challenge - Barnyard Edition

For iOS and Android: A fun and educational game where you solve simple math problems and are rewarded with barnyard animals! Download for free - Barnyard Math Challenge iOS. If you've got Android then download Barnyard Math Challenge for Android.

Cat Snaps

For iOS and Android: Entertain your cat with Cat Snaps. Every time your cat bats at the screen, a picture is taken! Download Cat Snaps for iOS. More information on Cat Snaps and link to Android download.

Desert Drifter

For iOS, Android, and Amazon: Desert Drifter is a simple endless runner (or "drifter") game where you guide your character through the desert, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. Download Desert Drifter for iOS. Download Desert Drifter for Android. Download Desert Drifter on Amazon Appstore.

The jaXed Mash

For iOS and Android: Search thousands of classified and auction listings with one simple app on your device. Download for free - The jaXed Mash iOS or The jaXed Mash Android. See also: jaXed.com.

LCD Poker

For iOS: Looking for a simple, free, video poker app for your iPhone and iPad? Look no further than LCD Poker! Download LCD Poker now!. See also lcdpoker.com.

Leaf Energy

For iOS: Owners of the all-electric Nissan Leaf can use this app to better plan energy use and calculate their driving range. This app is based on the Nissan Leaf range chart at LoveMyLeaf.com. Leaf Energy is free in the app store!.

Music Video Matcher

For iOS: Music Video Matcher scours YouTube, Vimeo, and iTunes to find music videos based on the music that is already on your device or in your iTunes Match. Create seamless playlists of your favorite music videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or stored locally! Music Video Matcher is free in the app store!.


For iOS: ScrollSong gives you control of your songs through simple gestures. Control your playlist without looking at your phone. Swipe to skip tracks or toggle shuffle. Tap to play or pause. Great for in the car! Download ScrollSong now, it's free. More about ScrollSong.

Simple Switch

For iOS: Simple Switch allows you to control a single group of Philips Hue lights with ease. It also has support for Thermodo. Download Simple Switch for iOS.